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by Nevada Kerr

Lost in Reverie, we while away the hours. Time is protracted or suspended. We are lost in the dream, our re-creative imagination. We live in the "In Between." In Twilight Time, all is un-determined and uncertain. Suspense and Intrigue rule. Doubt is replaced by Wonder and Awe.

This is the world in which the child plays. It is not a world of mere diversion and entertainment. It is a world of amazement and mystery, of secret puzzles and riddles. Either in daydream or nightdream the child is immersed/rapt. "Playtime" is a state of enthrallment and enchantment. It is the sacred realm of myth and dream-reality.

Time is drawn out and lengthened. Mere moments are extended, maintained and sustained for what seems like hours. Even space seems to expand. New worlds reveal themselves, unfold, unravel, evolve.

The Changeling or Grotesque (Gremlin, Freak, Monstrosity, Elf-Child, Nixie, Twilight Incubus, Mutation, Hobgoblin, Troll, Sprite, Dwarf, Munchkin, Elemental, Imp, Urchin, Dryad, Leprechaun, Ogre) is known as "Moros."

Folly, Shape-Shifter, Troublesome Trickster, Venerable Venom, he is a tragic-comic figure whose dim states of illumination make him a boundary-walker. He moves between worlds.

He is also a god of dreams and feral sleep, a master of coma and primitive comedy.

He is the Sickly Malformation, the Mis-shapen Oddity: Dunce, Dimwit, Deformity.

Chimera-Hybrid, Sleepless Phantasm & Dis-Embodied Spirit awaiting a Frenzied Rebirth on the Rim of Existence.

He can be deadly and decadent. He is a conjuror of darkness, disease and murder, the master of Pandemonium and Merriment, the bringer of tumult and revels. He is TerrorJoy, The Ephemeral and Fleeting Rapture.

Night Shade, Night Mare, Nemesis and Miasma. He is the one who speaks incomprehensibly.

Unadulterated Mourning and Boisterous Mirth, he is Master of the Derisive Grin, the Sneer/Snare, the Leer/Lair.

He smiles maliciously, cackles cruelly, and eats greedily. Sometimes he speaks through hushed tones and hissing noises.

He is constantly changing form and humiliating with the threat of Doom.
He is Irony Incarnate, Karmic Retribution and Fate.

Sometimes he resides in deep and murky waters, emanating swamp exhalations and exuding noxious vapors.

He beclouds the senses and leads astray.

Phantom Reverie and Spectral Vision, he is the surly comic, the ill-tempered murmurer, the morose moron, the gloomy jester, the sad clown, the laughing gnome...

Perhaps there is no mythical creature known as "Moros" at the moment.

That always leaves room for "conjuration," an absolute essential in the myth-making process.

Myths and mythic creatures can and will materialize of their own accord but they often do so with the help of humans...

My "Moros" would represent a cross between Folly and Death.

First and foremost he would be a "Murmurer," an entity I designate as being a cross between the "Fool" and the "Mystic."

The word "mormor" is a re-duplicated form of "mor," a word origin invoking many paradoxical but extremely mytho-logical concepts.

"Mor" or "Mer" means to flicker, with derivatives referring to dim states of illumination (twilight interpretations as opposed to strict interpretations).

Twilight or border-land perceptions are essential to myth-making.

Thinking literally and speaking strictly interrupts the flow of Myth-Making.

Mor means to rub away, or harm. "Maeres" are Goblins. My "Moros" would have at it's core a Goblin nature but I also choose to add a little Folly to this voracious creature.

He would not be merely a murderer and a Metamorph. He would be a border-dweller and a trickster.

This is how mythical creatures come into "existence." We imagine them into forms.

The outward appearance of my mythical creature will not take precedence over his inner core.

He may be menacingly mercurial but I also choose to imbue him with mercy.

He is a creature subject to decay, to mortality.

He will know the brevity and joys of fleshly form.

He will be born from the sea (Mora). That seems appropriate.

He has more than a touch of the moronic in his nature. He is a silly creature, prone to outbursts of maniacal laughter.

He is full of twisted grins and stupid smiles....

If "Moros" didn't exist before in the established pantheon of mythical creatures, hopefully, he does now!

As a writer, I take many liberties with the written word. One of those liberties is to use words as if they were elastic bands that I can stretch at will.

Often I re-place and dis-place "vowels" within words at will.

A E I O U become interchange-able when I decide it suits my creative flow...

And often it does...!!!

Written by © Raven Drake
November 8th, 2000. Edited and updated August 10th, 2007.

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