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by Nevada Kerr

Heaven was too high for me
Too perfect and too clean
Until I escaped the factory
And lower self-esteem

Now I'm in the middle class
Nervous and afraid
Living in a house of glass
I crave the evening shade

I stand in awe of mountain views
Embarrassed and ashamed
I guess it's just the altitude
Emotions I can't name

I'm no longer hand-to-mouth
Down and out and poor
Happy Valley flowers sprout
And windfall profits soar

I won't cop a plea in the final hour
No sadder, wiser drone
I'm bewitched by money's power
Made a fortune writing loans

Bank accounts at the keyboard
I open up and close
Warmer winters by the seashore
The ultimate repose

Squandering a lavish squalor
With a manmade heart of stone
Choking in the whitest collar
Loaded and alone

Written by © Nevada Kerr
November 27, 2004.

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