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by Nevada Kerr

If I had a face, if I had a soul
If I had a name I'd take control
But my fate is dust and my heart is cold
Not much a ghost can trust, not much a ghost can hold

Without love or land I'm a hopeless stranger
I can barter heaven and fear no danger
Death and sorrow are a worm away
But I can't go bad, I'm beyond decay

I won't fade or wither like a tainted rose
Whoever God delivers I can't disclose
A curse receding, day turns to night
My latent pleasure, dark nights delight

Desires hidden resist fatigue
Stifled passions bring forth disease
And I deluded in my ghostly realm
Render foul fair in the feature film

If I had a form, if I had a mind
If I'd been born in space or time
The gloomy dusk beneath the gleam
In flesh or shadow, I'd move unseen

Written by © Raven Drake
September 17, 2007.

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