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The Siren's Brogue
by Nevada Kerr

Morgan chants the siren's brogue
Outrivals the mortician's vogue
A vision in a spectral robe
She maims and lames the dapper rogue

The shape-changer in an icy spark
Plunders formless orphan parts
And in a twisting pantomime
She jolts the plodder's heart

The deadly begetter of hooligan weather
Unbinds a lovelorn debtor, seals a soul's vendetta
But her throes and throbs will not abate
A blue ruin rage or the jaws of fate

The mistress of the sacred bull
Gleans a tender miracle
The madcap moonstruck oracle
Renders silence audible

She plucks throaty chords
Croons some holy words
And with her tongue of swords
She trims you to the core
Thrumming the ancient ballads of malice and war

Written by © Nevada Kerr
23rd December 2002.

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