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by Nevada Kerr

Betwixt and between
The wilds of a deeper will
Spirits intervene
They jump the shadow stream
Dispossessed inhabitants
Inhabiting a dream

The misplaced demon pod
The highly focused god
Stab your skin, burrow in
The more you thrust and prod
Your secret self, a lightning rod
For pious saint and fraud

Deranged darker feelings
Gather flesh and shine
In crypt or cave or shrine
Soul brings forth the foul fiend
That ruptures space and time

Whereabouts unknown
But wherever they may be
Wayward ghosts yearn for home
In the realm of reverie
And in the evening on the edge
Of the final sleep
The meddling poet grabs a glimpse
Before he goes too deep

Written by © Nevada Kerr
October 2, 2004.

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