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by Nevada Kerr

I long to be round
Smothered in lard
Cellulite soft
Where I used to be hard

Some portly broad boozing
On a portico bar
Orca with a purpose
Dining in her car
A mammoth humpback spouting
When Moby is afar

Delicate and slim
I aspire to be fat
No more vanishing cream
I've had enough of that

Goodbye peaked pinups
Who starve without a sound
Lean and lanky lasses
Collapsing to the ground

Feed me lumpy pudding
A surplus not a sliver
Mudbaths ease my mind
But butter makes me quiver

Plump is all the rage
A rump to prove the rumor
Quell my hunger pangs
I'm growing like a tumor

Written by © Nevada Kerr
March 14, 2004.

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