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by Nevada Kerr

You had your plans in the proper order
And your habits all conformed
The even tenor of routine slaughter
Upheld the cosmic norm

The mood and manner of inflated meanings
Were music to your ears
It was always second nature
To dismiss those nagging fears

Was it a strain on your imagination
So impossible and strange
How could the planet change direction
And your whole world disarrange

After all it seemed absurd
But the virus spread so far
Something no one had ever heard
Called from a distant star

Within the bounds of human reason
A dormant scheme arose
We changed the climate and the season
Before the last seed froze

More than met the eye appeared
When the veil of time was lifted
The untold secret in the air
The moon and sun had shifted

We bit off more than we could chew
Reducing life to data
A certain thing that small voice knew
This battered Earth still mattered

Written by © Raven Drake
October 10, 2005.

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