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by Nevada Kerr

Two girls, one brain
A silenced heart that feels no pain
Shrugging shoulders in the rain
Casting blame it can't explain

One brain, two girls
Tongues that lisp, lips that curl
Hungry mouths like flags unfurl
Mouthing gossip from the underworld

Girls two, brain one
Constricted vessels, BB gun
Homespun faces overdone
Expunging all comparison

Brain one, girls two
Too crude to see through
The moody one misconstrues
The other soon becomes unglued

Two girls, one brain
An overstrain when both complain
Tearstains, bloodstains
And only one girl remains

One girl, no brain
No memory of sister slain
With nothing left to retain
She breaks like fragile porcelain

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 23, 2003.

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