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The Fires Holy
by Nevada Kerr

I was dragged kicking and screaming from your lips
Pulled up to the rivers above
Carried off by the hunting dogs of forlorn hybrid love
Emptied of all forgiveness and stripped to the buff

Revenge comes in the shape of an intrepid firestorm
Decay grinds the youthful gods stranded in the norm
Raw candy like winter dust stuck to my broken spine
On the shore of forgotten dreams that were never mine

I was pushed from a womb on a cold sundae morning
Beckoned by the market, marked for the hounds
Spilling the secrets of tortured dead rodeo clowns

Hope comes in the shape of a hot summer breeze
Love breaks like the dawn of a devil on his knees
Grasping trees and poisoned bees caught in my zippers

I was holed up in heaven captive to your silent pleading
Gored and gutted by others in cold storage bleeding
Stripped thighs in car rides gunned down my levity

I remember the fires holy jesus tongued
The torn pictures of Elvis in the Memphis sun
The sun beating our broken bellies
And love boring the crowns of lilies
Perusing brains for secrets in the pouring rain

Love pours carnival cream from a carnivore's dead dreams
And the sea sends forth a money tide of new suburban greeds
Your stubborn red sticky gown covered my broken skin
As I lay flailing on the ground grinning that twisted grin

I was holed up in heaven bent over your waiting dreams
Bored and smothered by armies of the mall-bound
Wearing the bone splintered face of a grimacing clown

Fire comes in the shape of sorrow
Burning the dear and dark downtown
And emptied of all forgiveness
That fire will burn our sacred ground

Written by © Nevada Kerr
22nd June 2001.

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