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by Nevada Kerr

I was the failing student of a brilliant thinker
An out of practice gypsy tinker
On a mystic cabalistic tour
Of esoteric Hebrew lore

If you needed a jinx I was your man
They called me Sphinx with the evil tan
I used to be an uncomplaining bore
Unoffended and so demure

But when I met the mage who had the plan
I knew I'd follow no matter where we'd land
No more meek and humble 'hush it up'
I was ready for the golden cup

I went medieval with a modern twist
For the coded names on a secret list
I read the doctrines of the blackest knights
Unmasked demons on holy heights

Arcane ciphers are all the rage
An easy riddle for a brainy sage
I can't resist when powers insist
On showing me how the stars persist

But the enigmas that I like the best
Are the rosy scrawl of a deadly hex
The wily charms of a divining rod
And the taboo spells of the undergod

Written by © Raven Drake
December 2, 2006.

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