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by Nevada Kerr

I pry into the future
Through a burning lens
Walking in the witches' circle
Till names and numbers bend
The din of hag diviner
Fading in the wind

Brainsick with delirium
Insensible to pain
I conjure up the memory
Of a buried bygone shame
The twisted melancholia
Of the frenzied and deranged

In my giddy reverie
I muse on the unseen
The hidden features of a species
Lurking in a dream
A looming spectre auguring
My blighted self-esteem

Is it cankerworm or harridan
Or hellhound on the hill
Or ghoulish ogre cannibal
Sitting on my window sill
Pimping gilded curses
With every jaded thrill

Written by © Raven Drake
June 19, 2006.

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