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Selfless Wonders
by Nevada Kerr

Bucky boys and nano girls
Self assemble in the wind
Happy robots make food machines
And all the losers win

Selfless wonders cook and pray
Thrash their digital glands
Throw up edible blades
With pickled heart strands

Smoking pets in denim shreds
Can't beat your living scones
I will be your human chicken
Jump my transparent bones

Our metal bodies slither
My organic forceps mar
Watch me with your pulpy eyes
Endure my feral hunger

Hybrid poodles claw the wires
You shake your severed heads
Hip plagues feed the wasteful masses
Forget the thawing dead

Artificial lives freed from pain
Mistake fitness for disease
Instant blood and boneless love
Make death a sexless tease

Atomic teeth chew the beef
Molecular hands turn smiles
Tiny engines in our souls
Custom make denial

In a world of plenty
Lead poisoned misfits drool
Fragile weapons wilt
Sagging cherubs croon

Your plastic limbs quiver
My domestic fingers scar
Torch me with your inferno
Delete the coded bars

Written by © Nevada Kerr
17th April 1998.

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