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by Nevada Kerr

The harlequin squall rends the red Earth
Awakens our souls untouched by rebirth
Whitewashed whites, we squander the light
A landslide of flesh, we twitch in delight

Our bemired bones swim in dark wine
The bitter cold waste of blood and brine
In the throat of a storm vomiting steam
We gasp and wheeze until we can't breathe

A gargoyle zephyr ascending a breeze
This gale with a head devours tall trees
A grief avalanche, it feasts on despair
The dust and smoke of suburban good cheer

Your portable body, pregnant and heavy
In a squalor of water, breaks like a levee
My closed wounds, more dust than pus
Open with the floodgates, and gush

My edible eyes, two gulps in the stream
Your quivering mouth, a whirlpool disease
Rivers and rapids seize and besiege
Recruits of the wind, we drown in the sea

Written by © Nevada Kerr
25th August 2002.

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