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by Nevada Kerr

Forgive me a dogma
I can make no bones about
The evidence is absolute
There is no room for doubt

You're a bigot, I'm doubly sure
In fact I'd bet my bottom dollar
That when I nail down the cure
You'll hem and haw and holler

I don't want to shake your core beliefs
But I can smell the zealot's lore
Are you turning over dying leaves
Think twice before you bore

You're not a shoo-in for the miracle
The ruling oracle presaged
I won't pretend we'll make easy friends
Without fail you'll be upstaged

It's risky sitting on a barbed wire fence
Or hanging demurely in the air
I expect your thinly veiled contempt
It's your moral certainty I fear

Written by © Raven Drake
August 18, 2005.

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