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by Nevada Kerr

Elastic and pliant
Yielding like wax
You contract and liquefy
I melt as you relax

Parts of me are undissolved
Firmly unresolved
Crystal gristle thickening
As gravity evolves

Resilient and adaptable
We oscillate and change
Genders negotiable
Pleasures rearranged

You dislodge a member
Break off a failing limb
Awaiting your replacements
One from her and one from him

I dispose of relics
What I used to be is gone
This sagging sickly invalid
Is soon to be reborn

Irrelevant and rupturing
Transferring memories
In between the bartering
Removing ovaries

Deviating, transmigrating
We always feel the same
Chemically advanced
Confusing joy and pain

Written by © Raven Drake
November 1, 2006.

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