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Oshun (Honey Tongued Dancer)
by Nevada Kerr

Rolling River who roves and wanders
Your love is ripe like a white dress
Turned yellow from repeated washings

Ready for reaping the beggar's soul
You console with a kiss
My heart is cut out by your river of grace
Prepare me for the journey home

Rolling river who transgresses boundaries
Your sweet blood has the taint of charity
The tint of the honorable whore
Oshun whose camino is Puta Madre
Your returning gaze inspires my devotion

Insatiable Oshun of red and gold
Your sweat is sweet like the nectar of gods
Whose grievous desire is for you

You are the disgraced Grace
Who enters my life proud and swelling
The mother of birds who protects with wings
A nightingale siren who charms with songs
You possess this space in my heart

Oshun of pure and noble blood
Your unadulterated morning rain
Slowly clears away my troubles
Your slippery jewel-loving hands
Wet with memories
Quickly stir the newborn's smile
A bog and moss child from ocean depths
I have come home!

I offer you this sweet food
The sticky heart of love
Like blood-cooled fire
Awaiting the steamy revels
Of the mermaid's mouth!

Written by Nevada Kerr
18th January 2002.

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