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The Furnace Of Our Love
by Nevada Kerr

I broke the seal on the corpse of a God
And the bright wet flickering fires of love
No one saw me drowning love's cold hot embers
Hovering and waiting as blood dripped off your members

I hid your bones in the snowy white ashes
The sun smoldered ruins of abandoned car crashes
No one saw me drawing on the fires of your breath
Dismembering your race too skinless to forget

I found you floating on a cake of icicles
As the skin of your face unraveled in the frozen lake
No one saw me harrowing your disordered body
Suckling the pap from your cancerous bones

I stumbled on your shadow in the hail of desire
On the pavement of unspoken faith in dwindling fire
Someone saw me rolling your bones down a hill
The sparkless bones I stoked despite the winter chill

I splattered overflowing blood tinting my remorse
On hard and relentless railroad track detours
Someone saw me inside the heart I tried to cure
The heart I torched like flesh on the rocks above

I fed and stroked the heat in your December body
As it leaked into the concrete furnace of our love
Someone saw me stirring the embers of desire
The cold December embers of an unforgiving fire

Written by © Nevada Kerr
10th July 2001.

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