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by Nevada Kerr

It was only a flirtation, the paramour resigned
Trembling with palpitations, I almost lost my mind
A puppet or a plaything at the mercy of this force
Haunted by the gorgon bride, bedeviled by remorse

Devoured by fanatic passion pervading heart and limb
Penetrating soul and muscle beyond oblivion
A morsel for a hungry creature, a sliver and a slice
The thrill of fear, a double feature, the harridan's device

The rogue or rascal libertine, her bait, her bribe, her goad
The mainspring in her twisted scheme to mesmerize the toad
The honeymoon's a mystic dream, you'll never break the code
Quickfreeze your self-esteem or perish in the cold

Rehearsing violent tantrums for the desecrated drone
And anthems for the smitten suspended and postponed
She eerily dismembers before she wearily atones
For all the disremembered dispersed like broken bones

Written by © Raven Drake
September 28, 2006.

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