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by Nevada Kerr

Polecat pudding, musty julep
Dulcet sprue, swollen tulip
Flaming acid, brier plum
Firm as a rock in frothy scum
I pluck your grim, death-like aplomb

Bubbling hope ferments and fizzles
A vaporous cloud grey and grizzled
Its silver lining, steel and iron
A deep repining falling giant
Numb to pain, forever dying
Down with the lamb lies the lion

Electric poker, petrol twang
Fag Lucifer, tinder pang
Styptic fingers, biting nerves
Chill me to the marrow
Throw me like a curve

My gloomy Pollyanna
The heart of grace is vast
The false abundance of the pampered beast
A fasting beggar's imaginary feast
Destroy the memory
There's no looking back
That sentimental yearning
For the hopeless past

Written by © Nevada Kerr
September 20, 2003.

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