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At Midnight (Alternative Mix - Version 2)

by Nevada Kerr

I came here to overhear melting secrets in the snow
Blank and bare breathing murky air, smoking out a poem
I slipped away without a care to where moonstruck madmen roam
My soul took wing without fear, there was nowhere else to go

I laughed it off without a thought but I was truly unamused
By the evil lots that wizards plot and deadly sinners choose
The love I sought and the lie I bought were the two things I confused
This dream I caught made me so distraught, it was sleep that I refused

When I cooked up this fertile mother and she overflowed the brim
I realized that a demon lover had indulged my every whim
Strange lights at the river's edge glimmered and dimmed
And my appetite for sheer delight quickly turned grim

In oblivion where riddles fade I built myself a home
Here the misbegotten rage and nightmares fume and foam
I was at the kill, it was such a thrill to see these mocking specters fall
But when their hollow shapes began to fill I knew that flesh was meant to crawl

Written by © Raven Drake
April 16, 2006.

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