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The Egg Store
by Nevada Kerr

Lank and lean without a spleen
Slim God Jilly lives her dream
A lifelong follower of scholar Betty Bawler
She combs the woods for workaholics

Vineyard Vinny on the tall side
Clings to widows in the high tide
Short and sweet and seldom trusted
His wife Jilly spawns in custard

Vinny and Jilly share an egg store
With the love child surrogate-next-door
Beautiful genes and man-made laughter
Shake their roof beams and tip their rafters

They met in Milan under skyless clouds
Ice-skating to success amidst urban crowds
Their well bred humor keeps them alive
With a good joke and good jobs, God's on their side

Vinny inspires Jilly with dead strong yearnings
Six figure earnings and a life of long learning
They decided to cling to their reverence for money
By remaking red lips and eggs that look funny

They love to try new things on for size
Child-flavored sharecroppers and human ties
Jilly cooks up great shapes in her new age furnace
A fun God, a happy pod, and some swing dancing hornets

Jigsaw slim and prone to turn grim
Vinny coerces movements to help him stay trim
Disowned and discarded by lovers born leaving
He pays to have mothers abandon him grieving

They ward off old age and the surgeon's knife
With priceless new bodies and a full busy life
They converse over good meals about genes gone bad
But even a sad day in the egg store would make a dead girl glad

Written by © Nevada Kerr
27th February 2001.

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