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Sea's Desire
by Nevada Kerr

Old man with a monsoon's soul
My wind and current you control
Limb and branch in the polar blight
You anchor my body in your boreal flight

You make a port of me with your god-like grip
Unfreezing my winter with your burning hips
Your big guy geyser sprays and sputters
Prayers in stutters over fever shudders

I praise your thawing in island cities
Far beyond the high tide's costly pity
A dry dock waif on the siren's pyres
I endured your lips and the harbor's mire

Lover deathless I hail your haunted race
Your surf born shadows veil your arctic face
Your name an elegy released in distant tides
Gives voice to my rapture bred in brine

You make a sport of me with your rod and reel
Stirring my native tongue in your foreign grail
Your fountain aflame anoints a mooring unchained
Defrosting these icebergs of crystallized shame

An inhuman flood propelling stream and surge
Swallowing up my river, swamp and merman dirge
Brackish blue brother, prodigal son of Father Time
You melt my frozen hopes on your steamy borderlines

A cloudburst, your purging love erupts and spills
Over my mountains, deserts, and rolling hills
Your naked wilds placate this sea's desire
And my glacial wasteland catches fire

Written by Nevada Kerr
17th January 2002.

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