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'Vince Taylor'
by Russell Phillips

Dressed in black leather
Gyrating and thrust
In on the 'Comet'
New York or bust
Take a cab to the cafe
Two eyes and a tea
The proof of his faith
In his own fantasy

Pardon madamoiselle
It's God's rock and roll
I am born of Jesus
He is deep in my soul
Give me a Bible
And robes of all white
Give me a microphone
With a single spotlight

Dressed in a rainbow
K-West, Heddon Street
Spiky red hair
Red boots on his feet
The cop and the priest
With 'Gilly' the queer
Vince are you Ziggy
Is this you're career?

The lights on the stage
Reflected the fame
The kids in the hall
All danced the same
Man, could he move
Man, could he sing
The jukebox is playing
Vince Taylor 'The King'

Written by Russell Phillips
20th August 2001.

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