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by Hermione

You were a space oddity,
Flirting with androgyny.
On the verge of entering the wild life,
Yet something in your eyes was child-like.
Unisex values became your ideal,
Slowly drifting toward the unreal.
Struggling with your identity,
Ziggy would emerge as the dominant entity.
Wearing a feather boa, make-up and spiked hair,
Your strange beauty was beyond compare.
Your skin milky like the stars,
A pale, thin creature fallen from Mars.
Your erotic pendulum began to swing
To the left, to the right, and in between.
Your image pushed the boundaries of sexuality,
A moon-age daydream of non-conformity.

It was 1972 and the glam rock scene
Ushered in Sapphists and jaded queens.
They settled on you like glittering dust
And blew away when the dream began to rust.

(When the Ziggy persona had control of him,
He powdered his nose, outside and in).

Ziggy Stardust began stealing your mind,
So you put him to death, leaving the shimmering corpse behind.
David Bowie was again your name,
But still you were a lad insane.
You fled to Berlin, hoping to lose
The drug addiction choking you like a noose.
Success had caught you in its net;
It was a part of your life you would never forget.
You would move on to greater acclaim,
But you almost lost yourself to the dark side of FAME.

Written by
2nd August 2002.

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