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A Sacrament In Place Of The Blood

by Nevada Kerr

They can't lose a moment
In this bent paralytic swindle
Ominous parasites touch and tell
It's a widespread industry that consumes landlords

Tales of debauchery and forced longings
The ghost trace gobbles your mate
Dealers stress your leisure
Wilderness and wasteland bend to live

The holiday pain, the empty taunts
Her easy lover's conspicuous biting
There was nothing to conceal
She had to live in denim shreds subdividing the zone

What will she become?
She gave away her face to a drone companion
Without her he was nothing
And she got stuck on the pain

Every party seemed new
A homespun trip with the girls
The initiates all had guns and brain arrows
Mouth ropes for a party of five

Zero took two
Blood took the other three
Now they're as good as new
Desire patents that any drone could use

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 1, 2004.

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