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The Genocide Markets

by Nevada Kerr

The fatty young superrich spoil their daughters
Filling infant body bags
With the excess love of the rebuilt Confederacy
Of white intellectuals

Breaking the holy fabric of embryo warfare
Nosy divorcées in body shops
And rural abortion mills
Rummage through newly detached brains

You can hear the entombed murmurs down in the sand
The brown electroflesh apologies
Of boneless virgins on Eunuch Mountain
The bloodguilt overdue

The self-assassin class stirs
Under castrato-clone trees
Climbing cows on a mountain of skins
Feed the minions

Bizarre citizens hop
Offering the fetal heretics
Subhuman chunks of anonymous nerves
The ruins of evolution
In the genocide markets

Written by © Nevada Kerr
July 21, 2004.

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