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Hotel City
by Nevada Kerr

In the heart of a hotel city
In a third world wild west
A termite man prays for success
Extinguishing a nasty pest
Devouring a bed and breakfast
Faster than a greedy tourist

Rising above his indelible caste
He vindicates the southern past
Spraying the big plantations
And the yacht master's drooping mast

Some men wear red dresses
And run from bar to bar
Waving to the bug spray boys
Flaunting their infested cars
Like acquired confederate scars

But termite man wears plaid
And always looks real sad
Tempting fate at the casino gate
Till his winning spree turns bad

He finally found his calling
In a fallen town still falling
Even floral debs in silver crowns
Wear fumigated wedding gowns

Termite man forgets his name
Before each poison test
But he marks for death
The hated insect guest
In the heart of a hotel city
In a third world wild west

Written by © Nevada Kerr
17th August 2002.

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