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by Nevada Kerr

Contingency impending, paranoid suspense
Bewildered intuition, disrupted providence
Premonition palpitation, portentious precedent
Seasons nonsequential, nature's recompense

Degradation overkill, prison punishment
Emasculation decapitation, cutthroat self-defense
Double-daring provocation, nitwit president
Asinine administration, groundless confidence

Credulity stupidity, our first-strike capability
Deficit insolvency, floating liability
Omnipotence miscalculation, predetermined destination
Dependency subjugation, oil wealth dissipation

An impassioned Christ infatuation, updated on the mend
The absentee higher power, the fall guy we befriend
A crusade culture retrogression is now the latest trend
Assassination annihilation, a grudge fight till the end

Written by © Nevada Kerr
May 16, 2004.

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