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Resurrection Hill
by Nevada Kerr

Big girl breaks her teeth
Shaves off a thinning peace
From a raw-boned fleshless carcass
She strips off a bigger piece
Digs up the dirt on brotherly love
Chokes on it's lavish teat

She wears two faces
And can't tell right from wrong
One for the mourning of never belonging
One for the bang of big brother's longing

Big boy made a big bomb
That went off in his hands
The sun won't shine for big boy
And he can't make big demands
From the loyal pallbearers
And early morning gravediggers

Big girl got big boy to spill his guts
Blues without mercy, a lifetime of ruts
Big boy begged big girl to write his will
No sibling rivalry or embalming bills
Just the promise of a resurrection on Resurrection Hill

Now big boy plays the moneyed corpse
Bloodless and deboned
The bombing king dethroned
Mute as a whispered euthanasia song
Wearing the face of sister love gone wrong

In the night sky brother still dances
Holding his sister's shiny cleavers
He cheats on the rhythms of God's loyal grievers
Flesh-hunting dog and mojo retriever
He uses up his laughter in hereafter disasters

Big girl turns dead brother's bones
Her hoodoo spells make big boy moan
Love like a terror boy rises in the air
Big brother back from the grave with a new career

Written by Nevada Kerr
1st January 2002.

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