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For Want Of Something Better

by Nevada Kerr

The indefectible machine portable and clean
A masterpiece of penitence as sweet as sour cream
A spectacle of renegation purging the obscene
Sublimates desire and the quantum light of dreams

Receptacles for rotting thoughts, portals for disease
Anatomic substitutes undermining sleaze
Fecal bloom, squalid splendor, tickled pink with ease
Gory glories, beastly tender, merge before they freeze

Vertiginous turbination, melting sun of ice
Private land, public lie, vicissitude and vice
Geometric ectoplasm, embryonic splice
Cosmetic order, galactic flora, fawning tiger mice

Worldly wisdom, early warning, the writing's on the wall
Studded fungus, cell division, diversion at the mall
Pensive gadget, cerebral engine, living robot doll
The thinking apparatus learns to speak and crawl

Written by © Nevada Kerr
July 2, 2004.

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