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The Business Of Killing

by Nevada Kerr

Mayhem has a mission
To escalate the friction
Servants of the state
Pave the way for hate

Brute force is the game
An orgasmic blow for blow
Adding fuel to friendly flames
Till guided missiles glow

Butchers temper steel
And slaughter in the cold
They dart across the fields
Always doing what they're told

Humankind's condition
Filth and slime and blight
Persecution, execution
Might decides who's right

As quid pro quo chastisers
Behead contract enterprisers
Germ agents in the distance
Germinate resistance

The dogs of war and pride
Wash their hands in blood
They swing from side to side
And turn their backs on love

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 27, 2004.

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