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by Nevada Kerr


Credit card misuse
A popular confusion
The Maquiladora Superbrand
A transnational intrusion
Sweatshops in a free trade zone
Shantytown profusion
The splendor of the spender
A conspicuous illusion

The marketing of cool
In bedazzling proportions
The rule against smiling
One of prosperity's misfortunes
The stodgy homeland censor
Cleans our dirty laundry
He speaks in elegant deletions
With advice for every quandary


The Christmas advertiser
Accommodates the miser
A charity extortioner
Pampers his subscribers

Profligates conceal party faces
From their salary revisers
A contest for the unemployed
Stirs obsolescent prizers

Velvet pickings lure the trader
Gossip lulls the masses
An average Joe Millionaire
Moves beyond the toiling classes
Toward the wholesale cornucopia
A billionaire amasses

An immortal name and number
Spurning peace and slumber
Avarice, dear friend
Entrusts the unencumbered

Written by © Nevada Kerr
December 8, 2003.

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