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Pretty Face Of Poison
by Nevada Kerr

He put a pretty face on the face of poison
Maced a heart too pure for the purest virgin
The toxic priest of a twisted fear gas season
He drew into his mouth a soul immune to reason

We walked past the wary dogs and the junkyard aces
Painted in their ordinary work-worldly faces
We inhaled the haste of shifting earthquake embraces
On the burdened borders of the richest part of town

He put a pretty face on the outside of our prison
Smeared my budding grace with his autobody hands
Grease ran down my blushing cheeks like breathless demands
As he discharged me with his stock and clocked brands

He put a human face on a blood clotting paste
Strained my caprices with his everlasting waste
His love ran down my spine spinning like a top
And he promised me he would never stop

A couple in brackets stiffened by plastic
Wearing the rags of the nerve poisoned spastic
We gawked and shot daggers at the dirty braggarts
On the bankrupt borders of the richest heart of town

I talked past his dull-witted violence
Tainting the last of my classy race laces
I choked down the traces till they turned to wry faces
On the beastly orders of the racy class clown
I found beneath his pretty face of poison

Written by © Nevada Kerr
11th July 2001.

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