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by Nevada Kerr

You turn up your nose at coarse indecorum
Deriding the humbug of puritan sermons
Along comes the dandy with money to burn
Good taste means nothing, there are profits to earn

Garishly starched and gorgeously gaunt
Mounting the high horse for a rollicking romp
You flatter and fawn from evening till dawn
But hardly amuse with your self-conscious pomp

Charlatans blush and blusterers cringe
Eating their words as you grimace and grin
Your finery falls tripping noble and cad
As you rise from the ashes of fashion and fad

You simper and mince striking a pose
Acting the part in ridiculous clothes
It's just not natural the way you behave
Flouting the protocol of master and slave

Written by © Raven Drake
June 25, 2006.

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