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by Nevada Kerr

Brazen victors vanquish
And demand a bloody change
The natives need a new perspective
They're disgusting and deranged

Superstitious, misinformed
Too comatose to wake
Obedient to global norms
With nothing left to take

Suicidal, disaffected
Delirious by dawnTheir sanctuaries bombed

The generals sought dominance
Shutting off the rain
Their evangelized enemies
Whimpering in shame

It was quite a misadventure
Worshipping the sun
In a fireball of censure
The colonized succumb

Turning subhuman in the havoc
The soldiers eviscerate their foes
Menacing, depraved, barbaric
Merciless they rose

Misbegotten, long-forgotten
Despite what relics sold
The atrocity souvenirs
Were too ghastly to behold

Written by © Raven Drake
November 20, 2006.

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