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A Heaven Where Nobody Sings
by Nevada Kerr

I moved a mountain for a touch of your hand
Struck a bargain with earthquakes, while stranded on land
A God on vacation with no time to lose
Spared my life a sea of troubles with a cheap ocean cruise

I called the criers out of their corners
Shuffled the tubes and carted the mourners
A dead drunk devil confessing everyone's sins
Mended my weary halo, swigged my sultry gin

I promised promotions to slow moving ghosts
Haunted the hot winds steaming the coasts
Plagues and fanatics blameless with shame
Donated my organs and decoded my name

I watched the doom lovers swagger and hover
Mother the breadlines and badger their lovers
I called to the sea, body shaking with grief
For a moment's embrace, for an ounce of relief

I provoked angels whose bleeding hearts bored
Robbed the stockpiles of stiffer innocent hordes
But throngs and swarms and legions of Queens
Shook my battered body and scoured me clean

I loved the serious jokers you stroked
The ones that you sold out when bankers went broke
Your soul mate's seven year plan signed in the dark
Jammed my desires quicker than sand filled my heart

I loved those beautiful secrets and lies
Your eyes and your lips still never confide
A light on an asteroid's flickering wings
Led me to a heaven where nobody sings

Written by © Nevada Kerr
13th June 1999.

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