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by Nevada Kerr

You did your best to fight against the hunger
Feigning indifference, refusing each caress
I can't switch off this longing any longer
Your soul's unwilling, my heart objects

Gigolo lovers vacant-eyed and drilling
Raise the price before you sign the check
I suppose the potion that you're swilling
Dulls the pain and atones for all the sex

You're cutting back, making do before the killing
Sold your stuff and crashed your car in the parade
Despite the lack, you're in the black, it must be thrilling
Enough's enough, you went too far, the fringe has frayed

I know your plan to play the miser doling out desire
At intervals a handout and sometimes there's a buyer
My pittance, my drought, with your hand on my mouth
I'd have you for a song but you're always running out

Written by © Raven Drake
September 21, 2006.

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