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by Nevada Kerr

I'd make a grimace if I could
But I'm nebulous and vague
An evil outline mocking good
Dust without a grave

The horrid ogre you await
Is in the planning stage
Out of shape and centuries late
Half drawn on every page

Garbled laughter on one side
My other side is sad
A freak of nature against the tide
Cockeyed and staring mad

Don't misquote me when I bellow
My underside is sore
An ugly hunchbacked snub-nosed fellow
I love the lure of gore

The hearty meal of steaming bones
The feast of ribs and joints
Junk food for the little gnomes
And the skin my wife anoints

I'm a patchwork of odds and ends
In a melting pot of fears
Twisting faces with a crooked lens
Bathing in your tears

Never doubt this raging storm
I stalk the unprepared
Chaos in the guise of form
I've been killing friends for years

Written by © Raven Drake
September 24, 2005.

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