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Valley Low, Mountain High
by Nevada Kerr

I'm nothing now without Methedrine
Just another lonely, pregnant teen
Father said it would feel good
Wearing his white hood, he took me
Where they said Mother Mary stood

It was quick the day that Mama died
I guess it's just the way some cars collide
Just before the light turned green
She cranked her cracking ice machine
And in the crystal panic antifreeze
There wasn't any time to scream

The ten of us were left in Daddy's care
At the church the local widows glared
The gun show closed that day
The buzzards stayed away

Three long years have passed since then
My gangster boyfriend drinks his beer and grins
The coyotes howl for rain
The easy riders ride again
But it's all a dream on Methedrine

Written by © Nevada Kerr
August 12, 2003.

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