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by Nevada Kerr

My ears strain to hear urgent whispers in the rain
Impossible semantics that authenticate my pain
An elemental vagary courses through my veins
Syllables fantastical infiltrate my brain

Contemplation inspiration, the messenger arrives
Anagramming secrets disguised and classified
The bard's accentuations the weeping pen inscribes
Muted roars, muffled cries soundly verbalized

Algebraic nightingale, root progenitor
Tempestuous vernacular, discursive troubadour
Rumination reverie knocking at my door
Step inside my memory, penetrate my core

Transcendental founder, translator of the soul
Identity expounder, sine qua nons untold
Personal antenna for the bulletin sublime
Exhume me from oblivion, the tidal sweep of time

Written by © Nevada Kerr
May 9, 2004.

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