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Diamond Kate
by Nevada Kerr


With a feral hunger and a prickly itch
Diamond Kate robs the poor and gives to the rich
There's no homeland security when she comes to town
Buying up your homestead, tearing it down
And reselling the land at a costly amount

A poacher, a miser, a transplanted dry wit
Reclaiming ghost towns for the chainstore pirate
She steals candy from the babys in dire poverty
Swipes food stamps for her bootleg from a welfare family

She paints the facades of the downtown saloons
Raising property values for a real estate boom
Substitute teaching indigenous youth
A tenant employee and boarder recluse
Kate squelches the truth of child abuse


Diamond left New Orleans to claim her estate
When her landlord hubby pilfered her stake
With a license to plunder and a plantation mind
And the Encroachers Handbook for crossing the line
She procures some bonds and inherits a mine
Cleaning up the county with her pockets lined

The drunken empress of laboring strays
Abets the cattle rustling marauders trade
And desires to acquire the no wage slave
An imprisoned village bows to the crown
Diamond Kate Millionaire seized a whole town

Written by © Nevada Kerr
March 10, 2003.

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