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Hero Worship

by Nevada Kerr

They rewrote history to make you a hero
With hardly a failing or a flaw
Was each eulogy a battle cry to help us win the war
Or a bribe when you hit the other side to bend God's earthly laws?

They photographed your flag draped coffin
Without anxiety or pause
The cowboy actor president
Exalted for the cause

It was hard to swallow Thatcher's piety
Or Bush Senior's unctuous drivel
So much slobber between commercials
So compulsory and civil

Redemption in America, the shining city on a hill
The just, the good, the righteous inspired by your will
A national day of mourning, all the federal offices closed
For the simulcasted propaganda veneration overdose
A fabulous fiction to chase away the blues
In this age of conformity banality rules

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 12, 2004.

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