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Promised God A Star
by Nevada Kerr

We came here for the night
Took back our stolen space
Honored all the crooked steps
Refinanced every face

We trust you to explode
Timed your every move
We loved you like a tomb
We had nothing to prove

We should have seen it coming
The end of lakes and forests
But time retraced our whispers
Between atomic horrors

We gave ourselves a way
We knew that was your dream
To enslave the sun and moon
To extinguish them real soon

We proposed a shiny plan
As bright as far off hopes
But desire owned us like a vulture
Securely bound to flesh

We yawned our way through love
We knew the fate of worlds
We could not reveal our motives
Not without the blackest pearls

We promised God a star
A heaven without war
He waited while we lied
Then took off in his car

We rode and rode and rode
Like bones that roll down hills
Burned a hole in faith
Consumed the thickest wills

We hovered over mountains
While songbirds burst into flames
No water was ever found
And we can not remember names

We mourned the birth of plagues
We ventured out that day
But all we found were the crows
And they followed us home

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 2001.

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