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by Nevada Kerr

The Tetragrammaton, four Hebrew letters usually translated YHWH or JHVH form the biblical proper name of God but three-fourths of this fourfold name of God invokes EVE, the Mother Goddess. This Goddess embodies the form and force of a Question, which is the reason she got branded a temptress yet EVE is the primal cause without whom god would remain powerless.

She is the reason why
An enigma beyond the I
Hard to explain
How, where, or when
Or what will become
The means to the end

Circles of thought
Here, there, within
Her boundaries bend
The affections we win

The source of all knowledge
Grows an apple of sin
The fruit of a new truth
From the honey-tongued siren

Wise as the serpent
Ascending the tree
A pneumatic Sophia
Shape-shifting belief
Plays tricks upon travelers
Seeking relief

She teases poor Adam
Grinding his teeth
Bloodless and shivering
Behind a shriveling leaf

Written by © Nevada Kerr
December 3, 2003.

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