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Black Thursday
by Nevada Kerr

I was living off the grid
During the blackout in the East
Like a shut-in on a mountain
Howling like a beast

The dominoes kept falling
Cascading down the coast
People bartering for batteries
Begged for the Broadway shows

No subway, railway, ferry
Elevators broke down in a flash
The price of power shot up
Machine tellers kept the cash

Hot summer in New York City
Thousands stranded underground
All flights had been cancelled
No clean water left in town

Hotel generators failed
Not a living soul to fault
Tourists slept on sidewalks
Rush hour traffic crawled

It was not supposed to happen
The carnival ride grinded to a halt
Folks suspended in mid air watched
As the head clown performed a somersault

Modern life in North America
A fifty billion dollar glitch
The threat of terror vanishing
On an overloaded grid

Written by © Nevada Kerr
August 14, 2003.

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