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The Realms
by Nevada Kerr

The realms of Pluto
Desire debt
The fleshless birth
The deathless breath

The car-born lovers
Bond and mate in cars
Turn the Sun to bone
Burn the wind and stars

The realms of war
Make a sport of pain
Fuel the factory heart
Milk the blood of fame

Urban sprawling ciphers
Pace their spacious halls
Pray the poor and carless
Freeze behind dead garden walls

The realms of desire
Make a God of a God on fire
Sell the remnants of collisions
The mad bomb ruins of parahumans

The body guarded soulless
Dread the mad cow homeless
Trade their happy moments
For a moment of cell phone silence

The watched and private eyeless
Stumble blindly through burning forests
Barter hair and skin for clean air
And freedom from the tourists

The realms of atoms
Create endless miles
Bring the heavens down
Make the frowning smile

Still everything rots faster in the public eye
Visions of the future conceal the barren sky
Neither Gods nor Spacemen care to visit
Nor would you and I

The gated good men launder guns
The hated bad men con their sons
They merge love and money into one
Money loving Godless God forever on the run

The Gods of fun and romance
Will prove that the robots provide meaning
Nothing that you feel will ever feel demeaning
Now that you feel nothing even when you're screaming

Written by © Nevada Kerr
3rd February 2001.

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