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by Nevada Kerr

Arctic ocean cold
Enduring bitter wrath
Corrosion of the soul
Gall and bile black
Vain hope before dusk
Lurking like a ghost
A curse of hurt and harm
Besieging home and host
Diabolic whore
Rooted parasite
Spectral paramour
Eerie moonlit night
Underworldly witch
Dark as tar and pitch
She came in with the fog
Of swamp and marsh and bog

Ogress of the pit
Sneering in the rain
Blue and milkless tit
Fiendish grief and pain
Despair beyond relief
Dispiriting the brave
Sycophantic leech
Grim face of the grave
Overwhelming gloom
Dread and abject fear
Sinking heart of doom
Snake skins in her hair
Ghastly mouth and grin
Transgressing earthly sin
Nauseating vapor
She came in with the wind

Written by © Nevada Kerr
July 24, 2004.

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