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by Nevada Kerr

Her father's name was Tension
Her mother's name was Traction
At birth they called her Karma
She changed her name to Tantrum

Junkie Tension overdosed
Charming Traction milked the goats
Rag doll daughter Tantrum
Ate candy bars for breakfast

A Mormon girl from Utah
Obsessed with poison spiders
Tantrum cut her own hair
Just like her elfin boyfriend

She had a boy and girl
Blonde and blue-eyed angels
They stretched the budget by seldom eating
And grew smaller as they got older

That certain spell they cast
Spells bottom dollar rage
They're hanging out in bars
With a single parent stranger

Tantrum sings a mantra
A long peace invocation
To alleviate resentment
But it fuels their chronic feud
And intensifies their anger

Spider-loving Tantrum pleads for forgiveness
A respite from fits of spite
Grace without a witness
Love without a fight

Written by © Nevada Kerr
May 23, 2004.

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