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David Bowie

by Stephen Lindsay Satterfield

David Bowie,
Haven't seen you in a while.
Wish you could explain,
The days I have spent 'loving the alien'.
Adoring you,
You genderless, alien, rock junkie,
A man who fell to earth,
A man so freaky, yet sublime.

Mod to Kabuki,
A space age messiah, a poseur, an innovator,
An affable, suited Brahman -
You, many and one -
A rock and roll Frankenstein,
A creator and monster.

With the subtlety of Nagasaki,
Exploring uncharted territory of image,
Abandonment and recklessness -
Smashing mores, crushing idols,
This planet is 'fair game' for you.

Written by
Stephen Lindsay Satterfield
July 2002.

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