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by Nevada Kerr

Sunny Lee's jumping a bunny bee dumpling
A bubbly hopper got Sunny Lee boppin'
And in the dust devil swirl of a desert night
The bubbly hopper took flight
From juniper hills to a valley of light

The bunny bee lover of Sunny Lee Jones
Gulped down some fritters and a buttery scone
Here on the homestead the porridge is hot
Bones, buns, and beans stew in Sunny Lee's pot

A pie and a patty, a peek and a peck
From the bunny bee dumpling
And Sunny Lee's wet
When the bubbly hopper returns from his trip
The bunny bee dumpling chews on his lips

The cider and punch leak from his pores
That's when Sunny Lee Jones wriggles into his core
Horning in on the curry and lager-beer stores
At the end of the banquet the whole group is sore

Always home-sick for the homestead
A hurried hare turning hoar
The bubbly hopper will be back for more

Written by © Nevada Kerr
21st January 2003.

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